Celtic Breton Music – St Patrick’s An Dro

Here’s something different this week, because … well it’s me and I like change every now and then 🙂
This is a piece I recorded, arranged and edited live during a recent live Stream on Twitch ( go follow me there for more streams like this : https://www.twitch.tv/banjoguyollie )
This is a traditional dance piece from Brittany, the celtic region of France where I was born, called an AN-DRO. This one was actually composed by Carlos Núñez a Galician flute and Gaita (spanish bagpipe) player.
It is both a tribute to Brittany and Ireland as its name would suggest and is a perfect tribute to both my home region and my adopted home of the past 23 years.

All the footage taken was within 1km of my house

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