Gaming Tribute – Music Video (Amstrad CPC, Amiga,, NES, SNES, MegaDrive, …) ???

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Thanks to the many artists who have agreed to appear in this compilation in homage to the video games, do not hesitate to visit their channel Youtube, site ect …

Merci aux nombreux artistes qui ont accept√© de figurer dans cette compilation en hommage aux jeux vid√©os, n’h√©sitez pas √† visiter leur cha√ģne Youtube, site ect …


00:10 Saboteur 2, Avenging Angel (Amstrad CPC) : Tribute by: Anth KlesKFroMHeLL
Original Music by  Rob HUBBARD

03:49 Speedball 2 (Amiga) : Tribute by Wrencan for Project Paula
Original Music by : Richard Joseph

Link :

07:42 The Revenge Of Shinobi (Chinatown) Megadrive :
Tribute by zebassprophet
Original Music by  Yuzo Koshiro


10:33 F-Zero (SNES) : Tribute by iztharmusic
Original Music: Naoto Ishida, Yuko Kaneoka, Yumiko Kaniki


14:44 Shadow of the beast  (Amiga): Tribute by MASTER BOOT RECORD for Project Paula
Original Music : David Whittaker

Link :

19:30 Cauldron (Amstrad CPC) : Tribute by Diesel
Original Music by Richard Joseph

22:15 Barbarian The Ultimate Warrior (Amstrad CPC):
Tribute by  Endrody Gabor
Original Music by Richard Joseph


27:51 Agony –¬†Loading Mountain (Amiga) Tribute by Eric Cubizolle
Original Music by Martin Iveson


32:07 Dragon Ninja  (Amstrad CPC) Tribute by Zisquier
Original Music:  Jonathan DUNN

Link :

35:35 Final Fantasy VI – Strago’s Theme (SNES) Tribute by Duhemsounds
Original Music by Nobuo Uematsu


37:38 Thanatos (ZX Spectrum) Tribute by Cl√°udio de Pina
Original Music : Julian BREEZE

Link :

39:26 Turrican (Amiga) Tribute by ADN

Original¬†Music: ¬†Chris H√ľlsbeck

43:29 Super Mario Bros (NES) : Tribute by Li-Chin Li
Origina Music :  Koji Kondo

45:02 : Tribute to Amstrad CPC by Pascal VISA (générique live Twitch)
Original Music: Takayuki Aihara (Soulblade)

Link :

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